Sangra Moller LLP's second year summer program is an excellent opportunity for students who have completed their second year of law school to gain practical experience and build a career at a firm that is a recognized leader in securities and coporate/commercial law.

Each fall, we look for highly qualified students for our summer student program. Sangra Moller recognizes that our continued success rests on our ability to attract, train and retain the finest legal talent from law schools.  We place a strong emphasis on recruiting students with the highest level of intellect, character and motivation. 

We aim to provide our summer students with exposure to all facets of our practice by including involving them in various aspects of transactions, client meetings and negotiations.  Through our summer program, Sangra Moller seeks to involve students in the core areas of the firm's practice. 

Compensation – We offer our students and associates the highest level of compensation in the Vancouver market.  In addition, we pay tuition fees (up to $6000) and a book allowance of $500 to our summer students who have accepted an offer to article with our firm.

How to Apply - Those interested in an articling position at Sangra Moller LLP may contact us directly by forwarding your resume, cover letter, a copy of your law school transcript, and your undergraduate marks to the attention of Mr. Rod Talaifar.